A lot of things arrived, including the AF-120 and AF-140 fans, nuts, washers, some braiding and heat shrink to tidy up some of the wires.

I also realised I was going to need some way to power all the fans in testing and then in production, so out came the soldering iron, the above image is a 12 way fan power splitter, it’s not pretty but it does the job. Firing up all the fans… wow, it’s quiet.

Black braiding on pump power cable.

In the process of adding braiding to pump power and feedback wiring, not perfect but it’s better.

Testing the pump with a short loop.

I had to test the pump after I’d been messing around with it’s wiring, there we go, closed loop running liquid around. Works well, that liquid then went on to be used to flush the radiator.

Radiator with fans in all its glory.

Finally a blurry picture of the radiator now mounted correctly with push-pull, from the photos perspective air in the top, out the bottom. You can see however there’s a push fan missing, unfortunately to leave enough room for the PSU I’ve had to skip that push fan. So at least we’re down to 10 fans now.

Wait… there’s a colour scheme emerging here, red and black… and I just put black brading on the pump wiring… oh crap. eBay! Some of your finest red braiding at once!