Things start to arrive...

Things start to arrive...

A fair few bits have arrived, the largest of which is the Corsair Obsidian 900D, by god it’s large and substantial. Thanks to Tom for the above picture, the pack of McVitties Digestives (Caramel) for scale, no one had a banana. Pay no attention to the Womble hung up, not my work desk.

Other water cooling stuff has turned up too, the radiator, pump, and SP-120 fans for the radiator, once I got home it was time to start to try and fits some things in.

Corsair 900D w/ Radiator

Nice, the idea is to pull air in from the right hand side of the case through the radiator and out to the left. Looking at this I decided that I was going to want to try push-pull, given the SP-120’s had done the hard work of getting the air into the radiator AF-120’s should be good enough to pull it through. So some of them go on order. Also though I was going to need some more 25-30mm M3 bolts to screw it all up.

EK XTX Radiator with Koolance QD3

A quick shot of the Koolance QD3 port I would use for draining if needed, though the radiator is in the wrong orientation. One of the factors for going push-pull was that I couldn’t put the drain port at the bottom without radiators on outer side without the QD3 hitting the case, the extra 25mm given by a pull fan would allow it to fit easily. You can also see that one of the front 120mm fans has been removed, otherwise the radiator doesn’t fit well.

Pump mounted on drive bay frame.

Here the D5 Vario is mounted on EK’s bracket, a couple of convenient holes match up in the drive bay, it also doesn’t render the bay useless, bonus!

I also had a realisation… how many fans would I have? 11!?