Prepare for separation... 3... 2... 1...

Prepare for separation... 3... 2... 1...

Wow, ColdZero / DHL that’s service, dispatched yesterday at 4PM Lisbon, Portugal, arrived in the North West of England 20 hours later. So the above photo shows the installed mid plate between the “processing” area and the “infrastructure” area.

Horizontal seperation under pump.

It was a little fiddly to install, it required a bendy screwdriver to get some screws into the panel from under them where the radiator and PSU where already taking up space. It’s in now though and looks great.

Blackplate blocking mesh at rear exhaust.

The backplate also arrived, above is it in “action” blocking out the top vent and area above the PCI slots. It does make it slightly more fiddly to install the PCI screws (where are already a royal pain in the ass in this 900D), but they still work.

I also made a snap decision to order the EK Terminal bridge for my SLI cards to distribute water, instead of just using two compression fittings with a short piece of hose, with that I ordered two inline temperature sensors for the water loop.

Thermocoupples on in/out of radiator.

With them I should be able to sense radiator input and radiator output temperatures to determine how effective the radiator is and make sure things are happily working. I wonder if input temperature might not be a bad thing to use to drive the fans.

I guess I really need to decide what controller I’m going to use for fans and pumps.